Flaherty Naturals offers bath and body lotions, body and massage oils, lip balms, perfume oils and solid perfume sticks, healing skin salves, sugar scrubs and salt scrubs for the face and body, herbal infused oils, handmade bath soaps and mens shaving soaps, alcohol based tinctures, dried herbs and teas, and many other all natural skin friendly blends.

Flaherty Naturals was started in 2007 because so many of my mature nail clients were allergic or sensitive to commonly used salon products. My desire to offer them a relaxing and safe spa service brought about my mixing Certified Organic botanical oils and essential oils for use in their services, and were always blended with consideration to their individual sensitivities so no adverse side effects were experienced.

Over the years my clients, family and friends have helped me create many different products that are truly natural and Feed The Skin You’re In with botanical ingredients that are free of man made chemicals, preservatives, dyes, colors, fillers, or petroleum based products.

I hope you enjoy viewing my natural skin care products and will visit my Etsy shop at http://www.FlahertyNaturals.Etsy.com

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